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AKW electric Underfloor heating all sizes

by AKW
SKU IF_409AE207

Akw Low Surface Temperature underfloor heating unit

This one box solution, offering 15 size options and a 10 year warranty is the perfect answer for your Underfloor Heating needs. The programmable thermostatic controller warms your floors quickly, helping keep them drier, safer and more comfortable to walk on. 

  • Digital programmable thermostatic controller
  • Low installation height
  • Keeps floors dry for the safety of the user
  • Flexible siting of programmer
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Comfort or main heat
  • Low floor temperatures
  • Quick warm-up
  • Economic to use
  • One side connection to the programmer
  • 4 metre power cable
  • Multimeter to check installation at every stage
  • Floor sensor
  • Sensor tube
  • Comprehensive installation manual
  • Control check card
  • Manual override
  • Trimmable
wattage/order ref;
1sqm 150w           MAT002  code 23438
1.5m2   225w        MAT003  code 23439
2m2 300w             MAT004  code 23440
2.5m2 375w          MAT005  code 23441
3m2 450w             MAT006  code 23442
3.5m2 525w          MAT007  code 23443
4m2 600w             MAT008  code 23444
4.5m2 675w          MAT009  code 23445
5m2 750w             MAT010  code 23446
6m2 900w             MAT011  code 23447
7m2 1050w           MAT012  code 23448
8m2 1200w           MAT013  code 23449
9m2 1350w.          MAT014  code 23450

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