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AKW Tuff Form Wetroom Former with TF75 Stainless Steel Tiled Waste

by AKW


  • Suitable for both wooden and concrete installations
  • Works with gravity and pumped wastes
  • Screen seal available
  • Tuff Form® formers are trimmable on 3 sides up to 150mm from the waste area
  • The ribbed design on the underside eliminates slippage or float during installations
  • Stylish, modern designs to give you attractive yet comfortable surroundings
  • Easy to install
  • Superior strength and rigidity, ideal for fitting under the bath in multi-tenant dwellings
  • Formed from compressed GRP for exceptional strength and stability (Tuff Form® former) 
  • Due to the compressed GRP the former can trimmed by 150mm of the waste without loosing strength integrity
  • Compatible with many AKW waste options, for a stylish look and easy installation: SS-TF75, SS-PGTF, SS-TFWA, 25410-TF75 Bath to tray adaptor
  • Pumped waste options available 
  • 22mm depth
  • Pre-formed fixing holes 
  • Fully recyclable - made from reusable plastic
  • Offset waste position to avoid joists pipework
  • Position of the waste 500mm inwards from left and 350mm down 
  • Maximum weight capacity 60 stone / 381kg 
  • Tuff Form® is the first product in its market sector to have a carbon footprint assessed to the PAS 2050 specification and has undergone verification by the Carbon Trust
  • Tuff Form® has achieved a European Fire Safety Rating of CFI-s2
  • Tuff Form® is 5 times more durable than recycled plastic formers when side transferring a 40 stone person, avoiding possible replacement 5 times in the same life cycle
  • Tuff Form® will not warp or deform by temperatures reached in a normal bathroom situation (and has been tested to 100°C) 
  • Tuff Form® can be cut to within 150mm of the waste without compromising strength or water integrity
  • The waffle underside of Tuff Form® makes it easier to settle into a screeded installation than a smooth underside, which can slide around during installation
  • Tuff Form® is designed to provide a ‘Bathroom for Life’
  • In the event of needing to recycle a Tuff Form®, it is 100% recyclable at any local plant
  • A recycled Tuff Form® creates a Grade 1 material which can be used in ANY glass reinforced products
  • Hundreds of thousands of Tuff Forms® have been installed across the world
  • Tuff Form® is widely used in the US and has been tested to ANSI Z124.1.2-2005

Compatible with screen options - EW, HW, HFW, MW, NW, SJ, SM, SN, SU and GA

Stainless Steel TF75 Gravity Waste FOR TILING ONLY

Can be specified with any Tuff Form® wet floor former and for any screeded floor installation in a breachable floor.

  • For use with Tuff Form former when tiling
  • LB00101 - code
  • Opens for easy cleaning and rodding
  • 125mm deep below mounting surface
  • Overall depth 132mm
  • 75mm water trap depth
  • Adjustable elbow for waste pipe exit
  • Stainless steel plate dimensions - 120 x 120mm
  • Stainless steel plate height is adjustable to max of 18mm with adhesive
  • Guaranteed for Life*

*Exclusions apply