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Impey Level-Dec EasyFit Wetroom Former 900 x 900 Inc Vinyl Waste

by Impey

Impey Level-Dec EasyFit Wetroom Floor Former 900 x 900

Level-Dec EasyFit Wetroom floor formers are the easiest way to create the gradient for efficient drainage in a wetroom floor.They are ideal for wooden or concrete floors and are quick and easy to install, with the strength and rigidity to support up to 300kg.

  • The location of joists within timber floors no longer presents a problem, because the Level-Dec EasyFit includes a revolutionary drainage feature that allows the installer to rotate the drainage point through 360 degrees to any position in order to avoid the joist.
  • If you need to trim or cut to avoid a obstruction it can be cut with a universal hand saw and drilled to provide additional screw fixing holes.
  • All Level-Decs are 22mm thick at the outer rim to be the same depth as most commonly used flooring materials.
  • No under boarding required-tested to 300kg (47 Stone)
The Level-Decs will come with a UTVCO1/H as a standard waste, If you require any other wastes for example a different waste or a different finish on top, please state which one you require when ordering

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