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Bathrooms for the Elderly

Adapted Bathrooms – Making Life Easier for the Elderly


Mobility challenges as we age are something most of us can’t get around. When they arise, we must do our level best to cope with them and make certain adjustments in our homes and routines. This is where accessible or adapted bathrooms come in.

Also referred to as mobility bathrooms, these can be life changing for an elderly person in your family – helping them retain their independence while showering or bathing.



Many older people prefer to stay in their own home and have carers visit rather than move into sheltered accommodation or a care home. Adapting the bathroom so that it is accessible can be an important part of ensuring that they are able to safely remain at home with care.

Equally many older people will move in with family and the family bathroom will therefore need to be made safe for an elderly person, meeting the needs of everyone living in the home.


At Adaptation Supplies Ltd (ASL), we supply stylish mobility bathrooms across Manchester and the North West with comfort and safety in mind. Time and time again, customers choose us for their mobility bathrooms for the elderly, because we offer only the highest quality products at fantastic prices. We offer great value for money and work with a range of experienced mobility bathroom installers.


Our Mobility Bathrooms tick all these boxes every single time

With a product lineup that’s regularly updated, we are always on the lookout for new trends, features and designs when it comes to adaptive bathrooms for the elderly, giving you plenty of design and style choices.

Our friendly, courteous and professional team can guide you through our portfolio to buy the products that match your unique requirements, lifestyle and budget. We also take custom design orders so that you can provide your loved ones with the care, affection and safety that they need when using the bathroom.

As mobility bathroom specialists, we supply a broad range of wetroom shower enclosures and care showers – with ready-made products which can be viewed in our Manchester showroom or custom orders which can delivered to your doorstep.

The wetrooms we have in our selection of elderly bathroom products are a favourite among Manchester families. It allows the elders in their home to conveniently step inside a shower without any safety hazards and step out just as easily, with no traces at all of water in the surrounding bathroom area.

Our broad range of wall mounted accessories like safety rails, showers seats and both modern and traditional taps round off the rest of your mobility bathroom quite nicely – adding style as well as safety in many creative ways.

If you or anyone else in your home struggles to use the bathroom, then a mobility bathroom in Manchester can easily help you regain your freedom and your privacy.

We love designing and supplying customised bathrooms to make showering, bathing and other bathroom-related activities safer and more accessible for the elderly. If the products we have on offer do not meet your requirements, then our designers would love to hear from you and come up with a completely customised mobility bathroom built and assembled according to your requirements.

Perhaps now is the right time to invest in a Mobility Bathroom

Many families, especially the elderly living among them, wonder if they should invest in a mobility bathroom in Manchester. Well, this is often a matter of “how soon” rather than “if”. To put this into context, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I struggling to get in/out of my bathing tub or shower?
  • Does my current bathroom pose a serious risk of falling, slipping and getting injured due to restricted mobility?
  • Can I use the bathroom independently without anyone else having to assist me?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then YES! A mobility bathroom in Manchester can really improve not just your safety but also your quality of life. After all, the bathroom is a sanctuary – a safe zone, which you visit more than once throughout the day – so why shouldn’t you make the experience as safe and comfortable as possible?

Our friendly team is highly trained and experienced in fitting a broad range of adaptive bathrooms in Manchester – helping residents all across our beloved town live a more comfortable and peaceful life at home. Whether you need a wetroom, care screen, walk in screen, lighting or heating system, or anything in between, our team can come up with a design to meet your exact preferences – but more importantly, your individual needs.

An increasing number of families in Manchester are turning to wetroom installation, for instance, as they are hygienic and very easy to maintain. With everything being tiled, all you need to do is give the walls and corners a wipe down with a damp cloth and that’s it. They also add to your bathroom aesthetics, giving you a better sense of space and even add to your property’s overall value.

A shower seat can also prove to be very valuable for the elderly, with profiled edges which provide greater comfort and durability.

On most days, you just want to be able to relax by taking a warm and relaxing soak in the tub. However, getting inside can be challenging. This is where a walk-in bath can keep you safe and comfortable – essentially, a bathtub with a door so that you don’t have to enter or exit over a high side.

ASL has your Mobility Bathroom needs covered

Our installation partners are professional, kind and thoughtful – they take all the necessary precautions when installing a mobility bathroom in your home. They work in a minimally intrusive way so as to cause the least amount of disruption in your home, and will only work during hours that you deem feasible. They will use the appropriate materials to protect your floor during installation, get rid of old and unwanted bathroom parts, and fully clean up any debris before signing off.

For complete peace of mind and a hassle-free mobility bathroom installation in Manchester, get in touch with our team today. Mobility bathroom designs can be unique, along with installations that have key safety features included like anti-slip flooring, low maintenance, grab rails and more.