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AKW Digipump M11 with 90mm Diameter Chrome Waste

by AKW
SKU 25473

Delayed start up and run on settings - Easy to set up and configure ensuring full drainage of shower tray

Internal TGA fuse -

IP45 Rating - Can be safely fitted within the showering area

Max flow rate 11 litres/min - Suitable for electric showers

Suitable for use with wide range of electric and/or mixer showers including AKW, Mira, Triton and other brands - Compatibility with electric and mixer showers enables greater flexibility based on the individual needs of the user

Non-handed unit - Pump head can be rotated to allow flow in either direction

15mm inlet and 22mm outlet connectors - Designed to work with Braddan upward waste discharge and AKW pumped waste options

Reversible pump head features four valves with flap valve and bowl design - Pump head design allows for better removal of debris and installation of inlet pipework from either left or right

Pump head can be rotated - Allows flow in either direction

A hard-wired connection can be made to the flow sensor of an iTherm electric shower and many other brands, but also this offers a wireless connection to the flow sensor within AKW SmartCare Plus® and Smart Care® Lever electric showers - Wired or wireless connections offer the installer flexibility when fitting, as this can be tailored to the space, with wireless connections eradicating the need for post-installation decorative work

Superior pump performance with between 11-20lpm maximum capacity in a ‘real life scenario’ - Has been designed to be highly efficient and match the flow volumes of electric and mixer showers to ensure suitability for everyday use

SKU: 25473