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AKW Digipump M20 with Screedmaster Waste

by AKW
SKU 25485

22mm inlet and 22mm outlet connectors - Compatible with PW50 (22mm) pumped waste

Easily serviceable - Reduces down-time and inconvenience to end users

Delayed start up and run on settings - Easy to set up and configure ensuring full drainage of shower tray

Internal TGA fuse -

Max flow rate 20 litres/min - Suitable for electric and mixer showers

Non-handed unit - Pump head can be rotated to allow flow in either direction

Reversible pump head features four valves with flap valve and bowl design - Pump head design allows for better removal of debris and installation of inlet pipework from either left or right

Pump head can be rotated - Allows flow in either direction

Compatible with AKW wastes, trays and showers - Designed for operation effortlessly with compatible AKW products for a complete showering solution

Quick to install and simple to service - Low maintenance solution that reduces inconvenience to users

Safe for use in Zones 1 & 2 with IP45 rating - IP45 rating confirms approval for installation within the showering area (Zones 1 & 2)

SKU: 25485