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AKW Silentflow+ PGTF 22mm Pumped Waste

by AKW
SKU 25414
  • Integrated 22mm JG fitting
  • Dual chamber balancing - Balances flow and dampens surges reducing gulping effect
  • Bayonet cover fits existing TF75
  • Bayonet or screw fit cover
  • Compatible with all AKW shower waste pumps - Providing solutions for unbreachable floor showering adaptations
  • Depth below tray 51mm/Overall depth 55mm - Pumped waste solution for low depth floors
  • Flow guides encourage linear flow - Encourages optimum water flow direction reducing turbulence
  • Quiet performance at all flow rates - Ensures a pleasant and quiet showering experience
  • Replaces 15mm & 22mm PGTF - For a virtually silent operating pumped waste installation

Code: TRA051

Suitable for vinyl floor uses only.