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Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita Automatic WC Shower Toilet


Simple to operate, the Closomat Palma Vita Automatic WC is purpose-designed to combine a conventional WC with an integrated washing and drying cycle. It is the only toilet of its kind, specifically developed for elderly and disabled people, that is designed to properly support the user AND position them correctly for effective washing and drying. Made in a dedicated plant within the UK.

The Closomat Palma Vita Automatic WC shower toilet provides flushing, warm water washing, and warm air drying from one simple operation. It is user-friendly for people who have restricted use of their hands. By reducing hand contact, it also provides improved hygiene for all users. The Touch Sensitive Switch can be placed on the floor and operated by a foot, eliminating hand contact, if needed. Zero contact can also be achieved if opting for the wall-mounted proxy switch, just wave a hand in front of it and it automatically goes through the flush - wash - dry cycle.

This unique feature improves personal hygiene - cleaning with water, not paper. Can be used at all times as a conventional WC.

Safe working load: 190kg (30st).

Combines functions of a WC and bidet with the addition of drying air.

The Palma Vita’s unique one-touch system allows the user to benefit from the toilet’s automatic functions by just pressing and releasing the flush. Wash time adjustable to client needs.

How it works

  1. Press either elbow pad while standing for conventional flush
  2. Press either elbow pad while seated and hold down for about 10-15 seconds*. Flushing and warm water washing will take place.
  3. Release the elbow pad to activate warm air drying.

*One-touch option is available