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Impey Elevate Option C Half Height Shower Doors, Care Screens

by Impey

Option C: Fixed 750mm high 800mm wide half height fixed panel, floor to ceiling pole.

Soft-touch, tactile 0-shaped handles, offer a comfortable, hygienic, and safer grip. The bi-fold range can be opened open and closed independently in both directions to provide increased access and comfort for all.

The seals will never drag across the coarse waterproof flooring and therefore have a much-increased guarantee of integrity.

Unique to both the FreeGlide and Elevate range of Impey doors, installation does not require any drilling into the vinyl flooring or floor substrate. This provides an absolute assurance of no leaks.

Item Warranty: Lifetime

The Elevate range of half-height doors, available as either bi-fold or sliding for use on wetrooms and shower trays, are packed full of intelligent design and technical features. The Elevate range of half-height doors assist carers and users when showering by minimising water leakage outside of the showering via the use of a revolutionary assisted lifting door hinge.

  • All screens are 750mm high
  • Curtain rail and curtain sold separately
  • Wall channels allow for 20mm adjustment for out of true walls
  • All doors come with a lifetime guarantee (excluding seals which are guaranteed for 5 years)
  • Ready to install out of the box
  • Pre-drilled fixings holes
  • All fixings provided
  • Door height setting tool supplied as standard to ensure correct clearance for door seals
  • Pre-cut coving profiles for shower trays, tiled and vinyl floors
  • Adjustment of 25mm for ease of installation
  • Fully detailed installation instructions provided
  • Average install time of 20 minutes

All new doors are manufactured to the maximum dimensions supplied at order.
If the dimensions provided are Tile to Tile, 10mm is added per compensator to allow for adjustment of untrue walls. All doors adjust by 25mm (If you have a tray and you specify to length, then the doors will adjust down once the tiles have been fixed).

Intuitive & Easy to Use
Elevate door lift solution.
Easy to Grasp, Soft Grip Handle
For users with limited grip & mobility by simply placing your hand through and lifting
Colour Contrasting Design
To assist users who are partially sighted
Double Contact Floor Seals
To minimise water leaks
Easy Clean Design
To minimise areas where dirt can build up with concealed moving parts and screwheads and clean wipe down surfaces
SMART Safety Features
Enclosed hinges eliminate dirt and finger traps

*Restocking charge will apply to items returned to cover postage.

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