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AKW Tuff Form8 Wetroom Floor Former with TF75 Gravity Waste

by AKW


  • Multiple waste positions
  • Wide selection of waste options
  • Suitable for both wooden and concrete floor
  • Easily trimmable within 150mm from the octagonal plate
  • No need for under boarding
  • Pre-formed fixing holes
  • User friendly step-by-step installation guide
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Ribbed underside structure
  • Durably supported for up to 60 stones on timber joists
  • Level-access with large size options
  • High strength GRP
  • Well-engineered 1:16 gradient


  • Suitable for all UK joist patterns, the adjustable waste positions avoid all obstructing joists
  • No water pooling in the shower area thanks to the octagonal plate design that provides a continual fall all the way to the waste
  • Ability to remove octagonal plate makes for quick and easy installation of pipework
  • Waste installation requires no tedious screw hole drilling
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ribbed underside eliminates slippage or float during installation
  • Versatile applications
  • Peace of mind for long term use
  • Designed with a variety of end-users in mind, able to support chair users and carers
  • A solid support by the cutting-edge SMC-GRP (Sheet moulding Compound -Glass Reinforced Plastic) composite technology, enabling easy transportation and installation
Product Specification
  • Thickness: 22mm to suit the 18mm UK timber floor board + 4mm plywood, no extra adjustment needed for installation
  • Strength: 60 stone (381kg) on joists/ Unlimited on concrete
  • Manufacturing technique: Compression moulding
  • Recyclability: Recyclable

TF75 Waste

  • 75mm water seal trapped waste for wet floors - Provides backflow prevention
  • Adjustable elbow for waste pipe exit - Elbow can be easily adjusted to suit existing pipework
  • 125mm depth below tray - Designed for Tuff Form wet floor formers and screeded floor installations in a breachable floor
  • Opens for easy cleaning and rodding - Ensuring easy maintenance
  • Low maintenance & reliable operation - Provides peace of mind
  • Opens for easy cleaning - Top access for easy cleaning
  • For vinyl flooring only
  • Universal solvent socket joint - Accommodates vertical or horizontal outlets
  • Lifetime Warranty (please refer to our terms and conditions) - Provides peace of mind

Restocking charges may apply